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If you have Rosacea you probably know it!

The rosacea probably started with just a few blushes of your cheeks which started to happen more often. Then the flush stayed and didn’t go away.

It may have progressed to capillaries being visible over your face. (Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea) and sometimes acne-like pustules (Papulopustular rosacea).

Some of you may also have noticed dry red eyes (Ocular rosacea) and thickening of your skin (Phymatous rosacea).

Rosacea Triggers

Some  ‘triggers’ that can make rosacea worse are:

  • very spicy food
  • hot drinks
  • alcohol
  • sitting close to an open fire
  • wind and excessive exposure to sunlight
  • hot baths, hot tubs and saunas
  • some medications
  • stress
  • excercise

Ocular, Papular and Telangiectatic rosacea all respond well to light therapy.

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Find out more




Laser Treatment for Rosacea

The fully trained and nationally accredited laser therapists at Lyte Clinic have been successfully treating the symptoms of rosacea for almost 15 years.

With access to our comprehensive range of equipment within the clinic, your treatments will be a combination of our vascular laser, Intense Pulsed Light and cold laser (LED). Our programme also includes pharmaceutical grade skin care especially designed to deal with rosacea symptoms.

The gut/skin relationship can often play a considerable role in rosacea and we will discuss this with you at your consultation.

Vascular Rosacea sufferers will experience an immediate reduction in the appearance of broken capillaries, with a gradual reduction in generalised redness. The treatments aim to also reduce the irritation of ocular rosacea.

If your rosacea is of the inflammatory type, by strengthening your skin over a series of treatments the burning, flushing sensation typically reduces. We will discuss with you possible causes of the inflammation and best approach to lesson recurring symptoms.

By rebuilding a heathy epidermis, eliminating visible veins within your skin and destroying the rosacea bacteria you will notice substantial reduction in the redness and papules in your skin. It will take on a smoother texture, become more hydrated and less sensitive.

We don’t promise a cure but we do promise to help you keep the symptoms of your condition well and truly under control.

We welcome questions from your dermatologist and are happy to communicate your treatment plans and out comes with your medical practitioner.