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Norseld machine

The Norseld Y-lite machine is used for skin rejuvenation and treating blemishes.

Skin rejuvenation - BEFORE

BEFORE skin rejuvenation treatment

Skin rejuvenation - AFTER

AFTER skin rejuvenation treatment


Rosacea Clinics of Australia


Suffering from Roseacea?
If you have Rosacea you probably know it!


You have a general redness over your face and sometimes your neck and ears. It may have progressed to capillaries being visible over your face and sometimes acne looking pustules.


It probably started with just a few blushes of your cheeks which started to happen more often. Then the flush stayed and didn’t go away.


So you may even have ended up with a constantly red face, maybe also your ears and neck are affected too.


It may have already become so that there may have been days that you simply do not want to leave the house.


Some  'triggers' that can make rosacea worse are:

  • very spicy food
  • hot drinks
  • alcohol
  • sitting close to an open fire
  • wind and excessive exposure to sunlight
  • hot baths, hot tubs and saunas
  • some medications


If you have lived with Rosacea for a long time you have also probably searched everywhere for an answer to help with your symptoms. You have also probably spent a fortune on doctors, health practitioners medications and creams.


Rosacea  responds well to light therapy by reducing redness, building a healthy epidermis over the course of your treatments and reducing the appearance of bumps and lumps.


Six treatments are recommended. Two within the first two weeks and monthly thereafter.


Lyte Rejuvenation Clinic guarantees that if you do not see an improvement in the symptoms of rosacea by following our treatment protocols, we will refund your money.


Treatments are generally pain free and will focus on reducing flushing, visible broken capillaries, pustules and inflammation.


We don’t promise a cure but we do promise to help you keep the symptoms of your condition well and truly under control.


In our experience, once you have finished our course of treatments the necessity for return visits can vary between individuals.


However, it is highly unlikely that you will need to return to see us more than once a year to maintain your skin in optimum condition.


We welcome questions from your dermatologist.


Skin care products that cause stinging, burning or irritation can also worsen the redness and flushing caused by rosacea and should be avoided. So we also offer a very gentle skin care programme to make your life easier.


Our therapists are fully trained and accredited, with Registered Nurses available for your laser treatments.

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